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When you wake up in the morning to a poor shave, it's such an irritating experience. It will turn a good morning into a frustrating day.


Because through normal use, the edge of your blade becomes distorted and unable to properly contact your skin. This is what causes cuts and irritation. As a result of this poor shave you are forced to go buy expensive new blades.
Now there is a simple, efficient solution.

The Razor Mate

The Razor Mate uses a magnetic draw to remove the small contours in your blade. By simply placing your razor on the Razor Mate and letting the electro-magnetic pull go to work, your average blade life will increase by up to twenty times, keeping it straight and irritation free!

And Feel Great

The Razor Mate will help eliminate a substantial amount of waste. It will keep you from having to frequently buy expensive new blades and it will help you start your day off on the right foot.

100% Money Back Guarantee.